The following conditions, General Cancellation Conditions, apply to normal circumstances:





1. Reservations and payments

Inquiries and accommodation reservations are received electronically [e-mail]

When creating a request for accommodation reservation, the Traveler confirms that he is familiar with the stated General Terms and Conditions for the provision of travel services, which he has previously carefully studied, and that he fully accepts them. Everything stated in these General Terms and Conditions represents a legal obligation for both the Traveler and the Owner of the accommodation.

The passenger is required to provide all information required by the booking process. To book the accommodation service, the Traveler is obliged to pay an advance in the amount of at least 30% of the total value of the booked accommodation for the selected period unless otherwise indicated during the booking process and the remaining 70% of the total value of the booked accommodation during the booking process

The costs of the sending bank and the receiving bank shall be borne by the Traveler in full.

The owner of the accommodation reserves the right to deny service to the traveler if he brings the pet to the accommodation without prior notice and agreement. In this case, the Owner is not obliged to accept a complaint from the Traveler about the quality of the booked accommodation or service.

Promotions and discounts cannot be added or combined. Each reservation can contain only one discount.


2. Price of service

Tourist tax is included in the price.

The price of the accommodation service includes the basic service as described in the price list with the accommodation unit from the reservation.

When booking accommodation, the price usually includes the consumption of electricity, water and gas, bed linen, and all additional services that are listed as such in some descriptions of accommodation. The traveler is obliged to clean the holiday home before departure, regardless of the final cleaning service of the accommodation provider. The final cleaning that the Traveler is obliged to do includes washing and stacking dishes, removing garbage and sweeping all rooms so that the facility is returned to the service provider tidy.


3. Categorization and description of services

The offered accommodation unit is described according to the official categorization of the competent institution with 4 stars. The standards of accommodation, food, services and other things in different places and countries are different and not comparable. The information received by the Traveler is published on the website https://www.housedomino.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/housedomino.rg or does not bind the Owner of the accommodation to a greater extent than the same.

Parking space is provided and is located within the accommodation, and more parking spaces can be reserved. Parking for a smaller boat with a trailer can also be provided.

Accommodation in which wheelchair access is possible, but not necessarily fully adapted, has the following characteristics:

1. the position of the accommodation unit is on the ground floor (maximum up to 2 steps at the entrance from the parking lot to the accommodation unit and inside it)

2. the dimensions of the accommodation unit are suitable for people in wheelchairs (the width of the door is at least 75 cm, the bathroom is smaller in size which is not necessarily equipped with appropriate handles and handrails)


4. Obligations of the Accommodation Owner

The duty of the accommodation owner is to take care of the implementation of services, and to take care of the rights and interests of passengers, in accordance with good customs in tourism. When handing over the accommodation to the Traveler, the owner of the accommodation no longer comes to the accommodation until the end of the paid arrangement, except by agreement or invitation of the passenger to clean the pool or eliminate various technical problems, faulty household appliances and the like.


5. Passenger obligations

The passenger is obliged to:

1. Possess valid travel documents

2. comply with the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the country of destination

3. comply with foreign exchange and customs regulations, check whether he needs a visa to enter the country of destination or neighboring countries. In case of impossibility to continue the trip due to violation of regulations by the Passenger, all incurred costs shall be borne by the Passenger himself.

4. adhere to the house rules in accommodation facilities, and cooperate with the Owner of accommodation in good faith

5. upon arrival at the destination, submit a document on the paid service to the service provider (voucher received by e-mail)

6. pay the rest of the amount of the reservation on the spot on the day of arrival at the accommodation if he has chosen the model of payment of the rest on the day of arrival for his reservation.

7. Pets are not allowed.
The owner will not receive a guest if he brings a pet into the accommodation.
All incurred costs are borne by the guest (advance payment, total invoice).


8. report immediately when sending a request for accommodation if he plans to come with more people than the stated accommodation capacity, even though they are minor children. The possibility of staying with a larger number of people depends solely on the good will of the service provider, which does not exclude the possibility of charging a surcharge for additional people. There is no rule according to which minor children can stay in accommodation free of charge and without notice.

In cases of non-compliance with the stated obligations, the Passenger bears the costs and is responsible for the damage.

By confirming the reservation, the Passenger undertakes that, if he causes any damage, he will pay the service provider on the spot all the damage caused.


6. The passenger's right to change and cancel the trip

Any change or cancellation of the reservation, the Traveler is obliged to send to the Owner of accommodation in writing by e-mail, so that the Owner of accommodation is able to process the request. It is not possible to change or cancel a reservation by phone.


7. Terms of cancellation

Cancellation conditions

In case of cancellation of a confirmed accommodation reservation, the following costs are charged:

   Advance payment is non-refundable. Advance payment is compensation for damages to the owner of the accommodation

   30% of the total price of the reservation is charged for cancellation of the reservation.

   The amount for canceling the reservation is equal to the amount charged for confirming the reservation.

   We transfer your advance payment (if you wish) to the next year, the owner of the accommodation issues a credit voucher for the following year in the amount of your payment. The traveler is obliged to use the said voucher within 18 months from the date of issue of the voucher for the originally reserved accommodation. In the event that the originally booked accommodation is not available at the desired date, the traveler will choose another date from the accommodation calendar when the accommodation is open from 15.05.-15.10.

Upon arrival at our accommodation, the remaining part of the funds in the amount of 70% of the total price is paid immediately.
If for any reason you want to leave our accommodation before the end of the reservation period, the money paid is non-refundable.

If the owner of the accommodation cancels your reservation before the end of the reservation period, the money paid is non-refundable. (you violate public order and peace, the arrival of the police at the accommodation, you have brought a pet, non-compliance with the rules of the accommodation, there are more people staying in the accommodation than registered at the tourist office...)

[ Our accommodation is 100% transparent, real and visible on all booking platforms and is realistically shown in the photos ]


8. Travel insurance

The price of the reservation does not include a "package" of travel insurance: insurance against the risk of accident and illness on the trip, insurance against damage and loss of luggage, personal vehicle damage, insurance against cancellation and voluntary health insurance.


9. Luggage

The traveler is obliged to take care of his belongings brought into the accommodation. The passenger is responsible for the theft, loss or damage of things left without his supervision. The owner is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation. The Traveler is obliged to report the lost luggage or theft to the Owner of the accommodation and to the competent police station.


10. Resolving Complaints

Every Passenger - contract holder has the right to complain about the non-performed contracted service. In the event that the services from the offer are of poor quality, the Traveler is obliged to immediately advertise the inappropriate service on the day of arrival and notify the Owner by e-mail (apartmanidomino@gmail.com). The passenger is obliged to cooperate with the service provider in good faith to eliminate the causes of the complaint. A traveler who leaves the facility and finds another accommodation on his own initiative due to dissatisfaction with the current condition of the booked accommodation, without giving the Owner the opportunity to eliminate the cause of his dissatisfaction, has no right to demand a refund or a lawsuit for damages, regardless of whether the reasons were justified or not.

Also, if the Traveler on the spot accepts the offered solution to the complaint that corresponds to the paid service, the Owner will not accept the subsequent Traveler's complaint or respond to it.


11. Protection of personal data

The passenger provides personal data voluntarily. Passenger's personal data are required in the process of realization of the requested service. They will also be used for further communication with each other. The owner of the accommodation undertakes not to take the passenger's personal data out of the country or give it to a third party, except for the purpose of realizing the requested service. Passenger's personal data will be stored in a database, in accordance with the decision of the Management Board on the manner of collecting, processing and storing personal data.


12. Note

By confirming the reservation and paying the advance or the total amount of the reservation, the traveler confirms his consent to the above conditions.


13. Jurisdiction of the court

The Traveler and the Owner undertake to try to resolve any disputes in the application of this Agreement amicably, while otherwise they are subject to the decision of the competent court in Split, where the applicable law is Croatian law.


14. Terms of house rules of accommodation


Check-in: 14:00

Check-out: 10:00 h


Early arrivals or later departures are possible if circumstances allow, without additional costs, with prior agreement with the owner of the accommodation.

The conditions will be stated on the booking confirmation - "Voucher"




As a confirmation of arrival, it is necessary to pay 30% in advance, and 70% is paid on the first day after arrival.

When you pay in advance, we will send you a confirmation of your booked accommodation "Voucher" - with all the details of the reservation.




Immediately upon arrival, please submit your registration documents at the Tourist Office.


Pets are not allowed.

Various gatherings and parties are not allowed.



No noise is allowed during the night from 22:00 to 08:00


Other persons who are not registered with the Tourist Office may not stay in the accommodation. The passenger will be responsible for any problems that may be caused.

The owner of the accommodation will charge the daily price of accommodation for each person who is not on the guest list according to the standard accommodation price list for the specified day.

The owner of the accommodation is obliged to report such a case to the competent Croatian institutions and services (court, police, tourist office)